Aqua Shear Technology

Aqua Shear Technology

Our Aqua Shear Mixing Chamber is the most effective and economical means of hydrating polymers, providing instantaneous dispersion and hydration of clays, and creating tighter, more stable invert emulsions in oil-based/synthetic fluids.

What Is Aqua Shear Technology?

Aqua Shear divides the primary solvent fluid into two equal streams by the use of a yoke. Each stream is directed into the mixing chamber through the end plates containing nozzles. These nozzles are precisely spaced, sized and angled for specific applications and flow rates. The opposing streams collide in the center of the mixing chamber and generate intense concentrated turbulence. The result is instantaneous dispersion and wetting of each and every additive particle, ensuring a smooth and consistent mixture. 

The mixed solution flows through the discharge pipe by gravity. The free fall of the discharge mixture creates a negative pressure at the inlet. This allows the Aqua Shear to draw in additive and eliminates dust problems and the need for pressurized feeding.

Aqua Shear is recommended for mixing solids, liquids and gasses with a variety of primary fluids, and works with a continuous and batch processes.

Aqua Shear Applications

Aqua Shear provides instantaneous mixing of the additive at the point of maximum fluid turbulence within the mixing chamber. This prevents clogging of the nozzles and permits generation of high viscosity end product solutions.

It is not necessary to form a “slurry” before introducing powders into the solvent liquid. Mixing is virtually instantaneous and confined to the region of maximum concentrated turbulence.

A low pressure (sub atmosphere) zone is inherent at the point of the introduction of the additive, resulting in very limited to virtually no dust. Frictional losses are minimal and power is efficiently utilized to produce concentrated turbulence.

With no moving parts and simplified construction, the Aqua Shear mixer reduces maintenance and facilitates easy cleaning.

Aqua Shear Brochure

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