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Flow Process Technologies, Headquartered in Houston, Texas builds specialty drilling fluid processing products to meet our customers’ specific process requirements.

Our sales & engineering staff is committed to helping customers select and apply the proper equipment to meet or exceed project goals. We will work with you to clearly define any and all areas that we can work to reduce your costs and increase your efficiencies. Please allow us to provide your program with expert mud shearing, mud mixing, mud proportioning, mud metering, and/or mud cooling. We ensure you will receive the best level of equipment and service for your patronage.

Only the Best

Efficient, High Quality Equipment

We specialize in building custom specialty mixing products that meet your specific process requirements. We’re committed to helping our customers select and apply the right mixing equipment for the job!

What People are Saying

Application: KCL/KHPA Fluid

The Aqua Shear reduced mixing time of the polymers from approximately two hours per 300 barrel batch to thirty minutes. My recommendation would be to utilize the Aqua Shear on all PHPA and/or polymer mud systems. It is simple, reliable, cost effective and performs as promised.

Application: Water Based Mud System

The Aqua Shear was used to our full satisfaction. During drilling the well, there was no sign of any loss of undissolved materials across the shakers. We recommend the use of the particular equipment in any case when dissolving chemicals in the mud system is crucial for an effective mud system.

Application: PHPA

Drilling mud costs were reduced by an average of 27.4% as a result of improve dispersion and hydration of all drilling fluid components. Total elimination of “fisheyes” and shake blinding enhance mud program efficiencies.

Application: Seawater/Gel/Polymers, SSW/ Starch/Polymer

The Aqua Shear is very cost effective and should be specified equipment on all drilling operations where powdered mud additives are used. It would also be very efficient for use with systems requiring shear to form emulsions such as oil muds and packer fluids.

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