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Company Mission

To provide the most efficient and highest quality equipment with the most qualified technicians to ensure customer satisfaction with equipment, service and professionalism. 

Comprehensive Rig Surveys

Prior to installation, experienced technicians from FPT will provide a comprehensive on-site evaluation of your mixing system. The modular design of the Aqua Shear mixer lets us customize the system to both your mixing and rig requirements. The result is more efficient, cost effective mixing designed specifically to meet your application. 

Training For Your Personnel

At the time of installation, we’ll provide on-site training for your rig crew and mud engineers with instruction in the proper operation and maintenance to ensure that the operator obtains the maximum economic benefits from the system. Our technicians are also fully trained in safety procedures, so you can be assured of both an efficient and safe operation

Easy to Operate. Simple to Maintain.

With its simplicity of design and no moving parts construction, the Aqua Shear system provides superior performance with minimum maintenance. Operations require no special expertise and can be easily handled by all rig personnel. If you ever do require assistance, FPT parts and services personnel are only a phone call away.

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